Sensa Care Values

Our values

 We understand that we are in a position of special trust and that our customers and their families and loved ones all greatly rely on our support, that’s why everything we do at Sensa Care is targeted towards improving the lives of those we support by delivering the highest possible standards of care. 

We believe that everyone has the right to live in a way that makes them happy, and allows them as much independence as possible. 

Care for the individual

Our Support staff will tailor the care they provide to each person, supporting on an individual basis, with the aim of improving confidence, promoting independence and well-being, preserving dignity and helping them to achieve the goal of living their life the way they want to. 

"Happy staff, Happy clients"

Sensa Care in Havant understands the vital importance of having a skilled, happy, honest, and compassionate workforce because they provide the best home health care service.  Sensa Care Values include employing people who are proud and passionate about the work they do; that we know will become valued members of the Sensa care team and that we would trust to care and support our own friends and family.  

If we have happy, valued staff we know we will have Happy Clients.